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We will be happy to assist you and introduce you to the services and options that are offered to our customers.  We tailor our services according to your needs in order to optimize the work process.


We invite you to meet with us and see our freight import/export, forwarding and other service firsthand.



Genesis Forwarding and Logistics offers international forwarding services; providing administrative and logistics solutions to its customers worldwide.


Regardless of the point of departure, Genesis Forwarding & Logistics offers you the highest quality services.

Welcome to Genesis Forwarding & Logistics LTD.  Our mission is to provide personal attention, professional care and counseling regarding all aspects of imports and exports.


We accompany you from the moment you make your order until delivery at the final delivery destination. All this at competitive market prices and high-leveled performance and by means of the industry’s leading airlines and shipping lines.


ג'נסיס שילוח ולוגיסטיקה בע"מ

רחוב מצדה 7, בניין ב.ס.ר 4, בני ברק 5126112
טלפון: 03-6873474, פקס: 03-6390864

Waze ניווט עם

Metzada 7, B.S.R 4th Building, Bnei Brak 5126112
.Tel: +972 3 6873474, Fax: +972 3 6390864

Genesis Forwarding & Logistics LTD

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