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Welcome to Genesis Forwarding & Logistics LTD.  Our mission is to provide personal attention, professional care and counseling regarding all aspects of imports and exports.  We accompany you from the moment you make your order until delivery at the final delivery destination. All this at competitive market prices and high-leveled performance and by means of the industry’s leading airlines and shipping lines.

Genesis Forwarding and Logistics Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Mr. Ady Eisemann Mr. Ran Horowitz, who have accumulated vast experience in air and sea freight forwarding since 1989. The company is privately owned and was founded in Israel.  The main goal of the company is providing quality service deliveries that ensure a continuous, solid customer base. The company offers international transport services by sea and air; providing administrative and logistics solutions to its customers all over the world.  Regardless of the starting point. We execute the most efficient services for all our customers. For this purpose, we have developed and trained our professional and experienced staff, and are committed to performing the tasks with procedural quality; offering you the most personal and reliable service. We continuously strive to do our best by improving our team working practices throughout the world.

The company was established with Far Eastern markets in mind, with an emphasis on international shipping from China and Far Eastern countries. The expertise  acquired led us to the current growth we are experiencing. From the Far East we have expanded our services from/to the United States, Europe and countries in South America and Africa.

Customs Clearance

The Customs Brokerage Division of Genesis Shipping and Logistics specializes in providing brokerage services to customers in various fields: food, automotive, textile, furnishing, electricity, chemicals, plastics, etc. The division is managed by a professional team with over two decades of experience in providing comprehensive advice regarding trade agreements, illegal imports, the issue of permits from government agencies and other entities such as the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Health, The Ministry of industry and Trade and the Standards Institution of Israel.


Genesis Forwarding and Logistics believes that transparency and efficiency equal speed. The Customs Brokerage Division operates under the following principles of the company:

  • Up-to-date information provided in real time to the customer

  • Handling of consignments throughout the country-air consignment released immediately after receiving cargo at warehouses and maritime ports- Ashdod and Haifa

  • Ground transportation is carried out by new trucks across the country, with cargo transportation insurance.

The branches of the Customs Clearance Division are located at the Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa and Ashdod.

Ocean Freight – Full Containers Load

When it comes to ocean transport, Genesis Forwarding and Logistics LTD. uses its professional experience to assist customers in finding the fastest and most economical route to transport the shipment to customers. We pay full attention to every detail and take the latest technological advances into account for the welfare of the customers. We act professionally at every stage of the process.

Ocean Freight – Consolidations

Regardless of the exit point of your cargo- Genesis Forwarding and Logistics LTD. is able to handle shipment by "consolidation of cargoes" -  Professional management consolidation suited for customer satisfaction. We have the technical knowledge required to follow through during the entire shipping route.

International Air Freight

When the airfreight is the best route to customer requirements Genesis Forwarding and Logistics LTD. has an updated list of all the options and competitive prices. Our staff enables our customers to receive their shipments through the fastest aircraft at any time of the season even in peak season. Genesis Forwarding and Logistics LTD. has a choice of various consignments on firing ranges from 24 hours to several days, depending on the needs and requirements of the customer.

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